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How Dr. Viatecheslav Moshe Kantor Continues to Impact the World through His Work

Dr. Viatecheslav Moshe Kantor is a well-respected international person, an investor, a Jewish leader as well as a peace activist born on September 8, 1953, in Moscow where he studied his elementary and secondary education. Later, he enrolled in Moscow Aviation Institute where he attained his first degree in 1976. In 1981, he was awarded a PhD. in Science Spacecraft Automatic Control System. For more useful reference regarding Moshe Viatcheslav Kantor, have a peek here.

Dr. Moshe Kantor Corporate world
Dr. Moshe Kantor is a business leader in various sectors. He started his business journey after graduating from Moscow Aviation Institute where he founded a company that sold computers. Later on, after the closure of the Azot Company, with his savings, he bought the company. Today, the company is known as Acron Group, and it is the largest selling fertilizer company all over the world among other chemical products. He is among the wealthiest Russian where Forbes has placed him at the 34th position. He headed the Intelmas in 18989-1993 as a Director General, and it was at this job Russia was able to receive its first computer system. Through his vast experience in the business sector, Dr. Moshe Kantor was appointed as the financial consultant of the Chairman of the Federation Council of the RF Federal Assembly between 1996 and 2000. Due to his passionate nature in the well-being of the economy, cultural heritage and science as well as supporting Jewish community, he was recognized as an Honorary Citizen of Veliky Novgorod. From 2000, Dr. Moshe Kantor heads an NGO known as the National Institute of Corporate Reforms that unites political leaders, investors as well as scholars. Read more great facts, click here.

In 2016, he was given the Order of Friendship and the Order of Honour award for encouraging nations to cooperate and maintain friendships. Dr. Kantor has been the President of the European Jewish Congress since 2007 having been reelected in 2012 and 2016. In his leadership in EJC, he tries to eradicate anti-Semitism, neo-Nazism, and racism. Through this program, he has been able to improve the Jewish life. Moreover, he chairs most public organizations like the Model National Statute that is aimed at promoting and securing tolerance by establishing academic centers in Europe.

Charity Projects
After the fire incident that occurred at a nursing home in Malovishersky Psychoneurological that killed 37 patients, Dr. Moshe Kantor started an organization whose primary goal is to improve the bad conditions of most public institutions in Russia. Please  view this site  for further details. 
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